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Road Safety Systems

 Prevent Accidents-Protect Lives-Reduce Operational Costs


We can provide your company with the appropriate Road Safety Training Programs that will educate and update both your professional drivers and employees on a continuous basis.

Policies and Procedures

We can provide your company with consulting services relative to Road Safety Policy and Procedures that will best promote accident prevention in your organization.


We can implement SafePass® , an ISO Certified Vehicle Inspection Program designed to provide you with an assurance process for the Good Condition and Safe Working Order of your vehicles.

What We Can Do For You

Quality & Safety Ltd. specializes in the development and implementation of Road Safety Systems. We can provide your company with the necessary procedures, methods of implementation and finally the training programs that are necessary to encourage Road Safety Mindfulness and support an overall Safety Culture in your organization.

Training Programs

Training Programs

Training programs are designed to meet and exceed the demands of the contemporary driver and to cultivate a Road Safety Consciousness.



Browse through the wide variety of Safety Services to find those that best suit the needs of your operation.

Awareness Building Programs

Awareness Building Programs

Initiatives that can be included in your company’s CSR profile that encourage Road Safety and Traffic Awareness, promote a Road Safety Consciousness and help build a Road Safety Culture.

Our Company & FAQ’s

Road Safety Begins With Us!

Founded in 2001 in Greece, Quality & Safety Ltd. pioneers and dynamically leads the market in the Development and Implementation of Road Safety Systems for the Road Transportation Sector.

Certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 39001:2012 and ISO 29993:2017, Quality & Safety Ltd. provides international standard driver training programs and consulting services that target professional drivers as well as company employees. Through their collaboration with Quality & Safety Ltd., and holding Safety as a priority, our clients have been successful in significantly reducing the frequency of their road related accidents and have seen a 10-15% reduction in their transportation related operational costs.

What is a Road Safety System?

Why should I train my drivers and employees?

Statistically, Road Accidents rate the highest out of all those that are work related. Through the implementation of driver training and road safety awareness building programs the risk of becoming involved in an accident is significantly reduced. Further to the most important benefit of training which is the avoidance of deaths and serious injury to drivers and third parties, the reduction of accident risk also means less down time for vehicles, reduced maintenance cost, better vehicle insurance rates, reduced fuel consumption and improved performance.

Can I train drivers who are not my employees but are contracted by company?

Road Safety Training of professional drivers is imperative, regardless of the type of collaboration they have with your company. Reduced accident risk, timely and safe product delivery by a fleet that operates at full capacity are all benefits to your organization.

Does a company with as few as 10 vehicles need a Road Safety System?

Yes, of course it does, because a Road Safety System is a management tool that provides the processes and procedures necessary to reduce accident risk, improve dispatching, reduce fuel and maintenance costs and improve your overall financial performance.

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We in Quality & Safety Ltd.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 39001:2012 and ISO 29993:2017 by TUV NORD and we collaborate with leading European Road Safety Training Organizations such as IAM U.K.,

Road Safety Begins With Us!

We provide the procedures, methods and training programs for a fully modern and highly-developed Road Safety System

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